Montessori pedagogy

Our method, which is founded by Maria Montessori, is a child-centered pedagogical approach. This approach is based on the scholarly observation of the children. The pedagogy is successfully practiced all over the world, in different cultures around us. Montessori (1870-1952) was the first woman doctor in Italy. After some further education, she opened the first Casa dei Bambini for 3-6-year-old children. Based on her observations and experiences, she developed her pedagogical method, which has spread worldwide.

The principles of the Montessori pedagogy

  • Developing self-determination, providing freedom
  • Individual development process
  • Helpful, supportive teachers who intervene when needed
  • Learning by yourself
  • Materials for discovering the whole world around us. The materials are on low shelves where the children can easily find and select them

We provide the children with the opportunity for free discovery and self-determined problem-solving.

Materials of the Montessori pedagogy

The materials contain the knowledge in themselves. These are free to find on the shelves so that the children can use them freely.

This is how we create the optimal environment for children to learn and develop on their own.

In our everyday life, we focus on these areas of development:

  • Sensorial development
  • Practical life
  • Native language development
  • Mathematical development
  • Cosmics
  • Art development (literature, music, visual activity)
  • Physical education and swimming

The specialty of Montessori education are the materials we use during the day, which can not be found in any other traditional or alternative pedagogy.

English Language development

Our kindergarten, which started in 2002, was the first kindergarten in Hungary who combined Montessori pedagogy with a foreign language. The experience of the last 20 years has clearly shown that learning English at this age contributes to children’s development, facilitates their adaptation, problem-solving and differentiation skills, and their natural curiosity about foreign languages.

Therefore, we offer children the opportunity to learn and practice English under the guidance of qualified teachers, depending on parents’ needs.


Tünde Hierholczné Faragó

Hungarian Speaking Montessori Nursery Teacher

Erzsébet Szobota

English Language Teacher - Montessori Teacher

Noémi Sivák

Hungarian speaking pedagogic assistant

Mónika Miklós

Baby and Infant Montessori Nursery Nurse

Panni Márkusz

Baby and Infant Montessori Nursery Nurse and English Language teacher

Regina Tóth

Baby and Infant Montessori Nursery Nurse


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