Montessori Mária Bilingual Creche – Kindergarten – Learning group

Based on the principles of the wonderful Montessori pedagogy, with the help of the huge selection of the special materials, we educate the children about independence, creativity, self-realization beside the compulsory curriculum.

We set up our professional and every-day life to deploy the personality and abilities of our children.

In our institution, the students are not simply taught English, but the second language appeares everywhere in every minute. The English language is used in teaching subjects, sessions, developments, activities and free-play time.

The children are in the first place in our institution!

The expectant students and their parents are welcomed, you can see wha the different sessions like in our classroom!
You can apply by phone call: Éva Szabó: +36203520575 and by this link:

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Bölcsőde - Óvoda - Iskola

1214 Budapest, Akácfa u. 20.

Hierholczné Faragó Tünde: +36 30 372 4502

Szabó Éva: +36 20 352 0575

Opening hours:

  • 07:30 - 17:00

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