Application to the learning group

Please follow the next steps to register for the 2019/20 school year:

1. download the application form: << Application to the learning group download

2. Send us the filled form to the email address.

Gyakorlat2 3. Request a personal appointment on the mobile phones below, where we await the parents and also the children, and
  • we give you details about our institute pedagogical principles
  • you can look inside how our educatuion works
  • we discuss about our learning group educational goals and about the parents concept

Hierholcz Tünde: 06-30-372-4502
Szabó Éva: 06-20-352-0575

Required documents for the application:


  • aresidence card for your child, or any other id card, if you have(passport, personal id, etc.),
  • certificate about the eligibility to join the learning group signed by the nursery leader or by a committee of experts,
  • birth certificate,
  • the child TAJ (insurance) card,
  • parents/tutelar id card, pronouncment about the custody
  • the child education identification number

The pre-applications are in progress! Fill the application form today, if you would like to ensure your child position in our institute for the next school year!