”Children raised this way will be happy, bold, self-confident and emotionally rich while their childhood is cheerful because they feel loved and respected and their freedom is ensured. They enjoy the right to make independent decision for personal fulfilment, but meanwhile, can rely on the helpful guidance of the teacher if it is needed.”                                         (Krisztina Németh)
Montessori environment provides the possibility for each child to develop their individual study skills according to their own interest. We support each child in learning at their own pace while taking account of the individual characteristics of the children.
Our curriculum is based on the system of the National Curriculum, to which we ensure the optimal conditions, such as:  
  • Small classes: the maximum number of students is 20, which plays a crucial role in the effective and successful learning
  • Three teachers per class in order to ensure the optimal individual and bilingual development of the children
  • Learning process is supported by the Montessori methodology
  • Dual language teaching from the first year on
  • Competence development instead of knowledge-based education
  • Creating an encouraging environment for learning and developing creativity
  • Differentiated education, for all children are different
  • Individual development, catching up
  • Talent management in several fields such as maths, languages or interpersonal relationships
  • Two teachers help the children simultaneously to learn while ensuring the use of both the Hungarian and the English languages
  • Discovery is a key element in the learning process
  • We provide learning opportunity through the try-your-luck approach since errors are necessary to accomplish tasks.
Beyond the curriculum requirements, we aim at developing responsibility, independence, creativity and a sense of initiative in our children while supporting their evolving independence based on their natural curiosity present at the pre-school years.
  We strive to create happy and joyful early school years for our children so that they can continue their educational journey as well-balanced children confidently possessing the necessary basic competences and independent learning habits.

Cikkek, hírek