“Help me to do it myself!”

We opened our crèche in September, 2007 in order to promote the opportunity for toddlers to receive Montessori education combined with early second language development.

Beyond the primary socialization development and everyday care, we aimed at developing independence in our children, which represents a core element in Montessori philosophy. We constantly strive to provide a loving environment for our infants where they can acquire those basic self-serving tasks that are in accordance with their age and their level of maturity in a supportive bilingual environment that we ensure throughout the day in

Hungarian and English.

We are devoted to the Montessori philosophy in our activities as well. The day starts with the „circle” when we focus on the world that surrounds us by singing songs, learning rhymes, moving around and gentle rocking. Our Montessori approach appears not only in the atmosphere of the crèche and our individual treatment, but also in the toddlers’ room which reflects the principles of the prepared environment that helps children access toys on open shelves which

facilitates the self-development of the children.

Cikkek, hírek